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Cabin Management Systems

From Embedded Controllers to Large Scale Integration

For over 19 years, we have been developing embedded firmware for aircraft cabin components including the graphical user interfaces of the system controllers. One of our projects involved integrating more than 250 components on a Boeing 747 VIP aircraft, enabling the passengers to access extensive entertainment content while having complete control of their cabin environment. Automatic performance monitoring of these systems assured the crew that all passengers were receiving the highest quality of service.

Innovative Solutions Trusted Worldwide

Together with a European Innovation Center, Aircraft Manufacturers, and Completion Centers all over the world, System Creations has provided superior software solutions that are now flying on the following aircraft:

  •   5 Boeing 747’s
  •   3 Boeing 777’s
  • 12 Boeing Business Jets
  •   2 Airbus 340’s
  •   1 Airbus 330
  •   1 Airbus 320
  •   2 Airbus 319
  •   2 Global 6000’s
  •   9 Global XRS’s
  •   2 Global 5000’s
  •   1 Global Express
  •   5 Challenger 605’s
  • Over 300 Challenger 300’s